Youth Advocacy ~
M.O.V.E. Wisconsin

M.O.V.E. Wisconsin is a youth-led group that is promoting youth and young adults voices in Wisconsin. M.O.V.E stands for Motivating Others through Voices of Experience. We are a chapter of a national organization called Youth M.O.V.E. National.

M.O.V.E. Wisconsin is made up of youth and young adults who have lived experience in various systems, such as mental health, juvenile justice and child welfare. We support youth and young adults to advocate for changes to be made around issues that pertain to them on the local, state and national level.

If you would like to learn more about M.O.V.E. Wisconsin, contact us at 414-977-4249.


Family Advocacy ~
Families United of Milwaukee, Inc.

Essential to the success of the Wraparound Milwaukee Program are our partnerships with and commitment to empower and strengthen families. A major component to that partnership is Families United of Milwaukee, Inc. Wraparound Milwaukee contracts with Families United to provide family support and advocacy services, to organize family events and run support groups, to assist conducting family satisfaction surveys, to serve on committees and to assist in training care coordinators, providers, and child welfare staff and to develop and disseminate information and other material about the program to families.

Families United sponsors Family Luncheon, holiday events, and community events. Families United representatives also attend committee meetings and assist to train care coordination and provider network staff.

Margaret Jefferson is the Director of Families United. She invites parents to call her to find out more about what Families United can do for them! You can contact her via email at Families United or call her at (414) 344-7777.


Educational Advocacy ~ 
Special Education Advocacy Group (SEA Group)

Wraparound Milwaukee initiated educational advocacy service in 2003 to help care coordinators and families advocate for the development of appropriate Individual Education Plans (IEP) and secure more public, better school placements for children with serious emotional and mental health needs. The SEA Group assists care coordinators and families with school issues including placements and obtaining IEPs.

Chris Shafer is the director of the SEA Group. She encourages you to contact her for educational advocacy and support at (414) 257-6799.