MOVE Wisconsin (formerly Youth Council)

MOVE Wisconsin is a new youth group for 14-29 year olds not only within Wraparound, but also for community members. We were founded in October of 2013 and jump started our group in February of 2014 after the Youth Council Talent Show. We are a chapter of a National Organization called Youth M.O.V.E National. M.O.V.E stands for Motivating Others through Voices of Experience.

We focus on a broad range of things, but a few of the things we focus on are as follows:

*       Bullying

*       Self-Advocacy

*       Homelessness

*       Leadership Skills

*       Peers Helping Peers

MOVE Wisconsin members hope to use self-advocacy to promote change not only within their communities, but also in our youth serving systems.

If you would like to learn more about MOVE Wisconsin you can visit our contact our Peer Specialist Wilton Johnson at or 414-977-4249.

You can also check us out on our website at:


Remainder of 2015

Move Wisconsin Brochure

Letter from Wilton Johnson