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Wraparound Milwaukee publishes a monthly newsletter. The newsletter features current information about Wraparound Milwaukee and a calendar of upcoming meetings and events. The newsletter also offers articles that feature information about current health care issues on both the state and national level. Recent Wraparound Milwaukee newsletters can be obtained by clicking on the links below.

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Historical Newsletters:

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For more information, contact Jennifer Miles with Wraparound Milwaukee Administration.


Year End Annual Report
Current Annual Report: 2016 Report

Historical Reports:  2015 Report     2014 Report     2013 Report     2012 Report


Making It Happen Video
This video gives a brief overview of Wraparound Milwaukee:


Research Articles 
Juvenile Justice Recidivism of Youth Enrolled in Wraparound 2014

Professional Foster Parent Program

Understanding Children in REACH

Wraparound – Study in Recidivism

Wraparound’s Recipe for Success


If you have any questions, please contact our Director, MaryJo Meyers,
at (414) 257-7521.