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Wraparound Milwaukee is developing clinical practice guidelines for care coordinators and Network providers to reference. The guidelines will aide care coordinators with identifying services that will help enrolled youth and their families with addressing ongoing needs. The guidelines will assist providers in the assessment and treatment of disorders commonly occurring among Wraparound Milwaukee enrollees.

These clinical guidelines are intended to augment, but not replace, sound clinical judgment and do not replace existing policy and Fee-for-Service Agreement requirements.

Prior to the adoption, each guideline has been reviewed by practitioners that provide the identified service. A copy of the current Wraparound Milwaukee service specific practice guidelines can be obtained by clicking on the link below.

In-Home Therapy Services – Practice Guideline

MD Assessment – Practice Guideline

Psychiatric Review / Meds  – Practice Guideline

We welcome your feedback on our adopted clinical practice guidelines. All suggestions and recommendations will be taken into consideration in our next review. You may submit your comments to the Wraparound Milwaukee Provider Relations Manager, Theresa Randall.



All Wraparound Provider Network Agencies must comply with Civil Rights Compliance Plan requirements in order for their Fee-for-Service Agreements to be renewed. Forms required to complete Civil Rights Plans can be found on the Frequently Used Vendor Forms page.

If you have a Civil Rights Compliance Plan on file with another DHHS Network, you have met your obligation for this requirement for Wraparound Milwaukee as well.

Handouts and training materials from the Civil Rights Compliance Training sponsored by Wraparound Milwaukee can be obtained by clicking on the document links below. Training was conducted by Mr. David Duran, Civil Rights Compliance Officer from the State of Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services.

David Duran Presentation

Training Post Test – With Answers

Civil Rights Compliance Assessment Checklist

Non-Discrimination Laws Affecting Service Delivery and Employment Practices

Forms and additional information can be obtained by going to the State of Wisconsin – Department of Health Services Civil Rights Compliance Plan Resource Page at


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