What is Wraparound – REACH?

Wraparound is a strength-based and individualized approach to service delivery that is based on families identifying what support they need to care for their youth with complex needs in their home and community.  Families are paired with Care Coordinators to assist them in identifying personal, community and professional resources to meet those needs and to “wrap” those services around the youth and family. Wraparound is designed to increase parent choice in selecting resources and service providers.  Wraparound promotes family independence by acknowledging families or caregivers know what is best for their youth and family.

The Wraparound Milwaukee program is designed to meet the mental health and emotional needs of youth who meet the following criteria:

  • Youth has a condition of severe emotional disturbance as defined in DSM-IV or DSM-V.
  • Youth is involved in two or more service systems such as mental health, education, child welfare or juvenile justice.
  • The youth’s ability to function at home, at school or in the community is affected by his or her mental health condition.
  • Youth is at risk of placement in a psychiatric hospital, residential treatment center or correctional facility.
  • Youth resides in Milwaukee County

In the REACH Program, the referred youth must currently be eligible for the Medicaid or Badger Care Program.  Referrals can be made by families, schools or existing service providers.  However, we will always need to talk to with families before accepting a referral.

Features of the Program

Care Coordination
A Care Coordinator ensures that every youth and his/her family has someone to help them access mental health, educational, supportive services and community resources.  The Care Coordinator acts as the resource coordinator  for the youth  and family and brings together the agencies and family supports needed to develop the plan of care.  They ensure that the plan addresses the needs identified by the Child and Family Team and that the team follows the plan.

Family and Community Supports
One of the goals of Wraparound Milwaukee is to ensure that families are connected with supports and services that will be there for families both during and after their enrollment in the program.  Therefore, our Care Coordinators work with families to identify, develop and enhance relationships with extended family members, neighbors, friends, support groups and other community resources that they can continue to use after enrollment ends.

Mobile Urgent Treatment Team
Wraparound Milwaukee’s Mobile Urgent Treatment Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide crisis intervention services to youth enrolled in the program and other youth in the community who are at risk of being removed from their home due to a mental health crisis. Contact the Mobile Urgent Treatment Team at 414-257-7621.


For more information about Wraparound-REACH, contact the
RESOURCE & REFERRAL LINE at 414-257-7607