Mobile Urgent Treatment Team

Contact us at 414-257-7621 ~ A crisis team created to help children and teens in crisis. 

The Mobile Urgent Treatment Team is a mental health crisis team licensed by the State of Wisconsin that serves Milwaukee County youth.  We respond to a wide range of needs in homes, schools, and throughout the community, wherever children and families need help to reduce a crisis, solve a problem, or assess a need. Staffed by psychologists, social workers, and other highly experienced clinicians, the Mobile Team staff go to where the crisis or problem is and work to respond as effectively as possible. The Mobile Team is a part of Wraparound Milwaukee, but as a unit of the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division, is available to any child or family in Milwaukee County.

Mobile Team staff will always work to keep children where they are safe, and supported.  In those cases where a child may need hospitalization for a psychiatric crisis which poses a threat to them or others, the Mobile Team will work with the family or other authorities to get the best care possible in order to meet the needs of the child and keep everyone safe. However, the Mobile Team has no legal authority to place or detain children. Instead, we seek out voluntary solutions or, when necessary, get help from Police or other partners when their authority is needed to assure safety.

The Mobile Team can help provide a crisis plan as well as recommendations for other services that may be of help to families. The Mobile Team is available by phone, 24 hours a day, and is available to come to where we are needed between the hours of 7AM to 10PM, Monday through Friday, and 1:30PM to 10PM, weekends and holidays.

The Mobile Urgent Treatment Team can be everything from a caring voice, a source of recommendations, or a chance for a skilled evaluation in the midst of a crisis. The Mobile Team believes children and their families, along with their friends and community, are the best people in the best place to solve problems, but when you need some extra help from time to time, the Mobile Team is available.

Mobile Urgent Treatment Team, Dr. Steve Dykstra – Director
Phone: 414-257-7621