O-YEAH Program


Young people mature at different rates and in different ways. These differences can be further influenced by a young person’s life and family history, experiences of trauma and loss, and particularly by having serious emotional or behavioral needs. Not everyone is ready to assume an adult role in their community and family at the age of 18. Many young adults will require support beyond the age of 18, so that they can successfully navigate the transition to adulthood.

What is the O-YEAH Program?

O-YEAH, Older Youth & Emerging Ault Heroes, is a transitional program to adulthood, designed to provide services and support to young adults ages 16 to 23 years old.

Program Objectives

  • To make a measureable and positive difference in the lives of older youth and young adults as they transition to adulthood
  • To provide resources and support that will assist young adults (16 through 23 years of age) in developing positive plans for their futures
  • To assist young adults in developing skills for independence, leadership, confidence, and empower them to take ownership of their lives

Wraparound Milwaukee is committed to creating age and developmentally appropriate and youth-guided local systems of care that will improve outcomes for youth and young adults with serious mental health conditions.

With respect, dignity and the focus on strengths, these young adults will develop, coordinate and mobilize resources to support their quest for successful independence into adulthood. The focus of support includes the following dimensions of adult life:

  • Living (housing)
  • Working (employment)
  • Learning (school/training)
  • Belonging (friendships)
  • Healing (health)
  • Being safe (wellbeing)

Enrollment Criteria:

  • Youth 16 to 23 years old
  • Medicaid eligible
  • Milwaukee County resident
  • Serious emotional and behavioral challenges

To honor the full potential and well-being of these young adults, it is critical that they have the major hand in shaping and guiding their own future plans. Therefore, it is essential that involvement in this program be entirely voluntary. A strength-based assessment will be conducted to determine the level of support that may be needed.

Features of the Program
Each person enrolled in O-YEAH is partnered with a Transitional Coordinator who works with them to create a “Futures Plan” utilizing Individualized Future Planning (IFP). Following is the description of the four phases of IFP and the role of the Transitional Coordinator in each phase.

Phase 1: Relationship Formation – Forming individualized and strength-based relationships with young adults that help build engagement and trust.

Phase 2: Planning – Partnering with young adults to build individualized future plans around their vision for the future and their needs in order to see themselves at being successful in managing their lives.

Phase 3: Action – The young adult will work at their own pace to accomplish the benchmarks and goals they have identified.

Phase 4: Transfer of Learning and Leading – This phase consists of individualized one-on-one coaching that will teach and assist the young adult how to move to a place to no longer require the assistance of a Transitional Coordinator.

For more information about the O-YEAH Program, contact the
RESOURCE & REFERRAL LINE at 414-257-7607.