Care Coordination

Wraparound Milwaukee Care Coordination
Wraparound Milwaukee contracts with six community agencies to provide a total of approximately 100 care coordinators, 24 lead workers and 15 supervisors.  Care Coordinators, who mostly possess bachelor’s degrees, work with caseloads of approximately 8 families. Roles and responsibilities of care coordinators are defined in writing to minimize instances where they overlap with some of the duties associated with child welfare and probation workers.


Child and Family Team
Care Coordination services are essential to the design and delivery of services and supports to children with severe emotional and mental health needs that are individualized, strength-based and family focused. Wraparound Milwaukee employs Care Coordinators who are responsible for convening Child and Family Teams from which a wraparound plan of care is developed for each child and his/her family. Care Coordinators meet the child and family, conduct a strengths-based inventory, convene the Child & Family Team, and develop the care or treatment plan based on child/family needs, goals and formal and informal resources available or needed to support the family.


Family Needs and Safety Plan Help Identify Services
Care Coordinators utilize life domains to look at family needs and create safety plans for each child to ensure there are structured supports and supervision to ensure child and community safety. Care Coordinators help develop the Care Plan to guide the delivery of services and treatment. They also are responsible to help the family identify and obtain formal services through the Wraparound Milwaukee Provider Network to meet mental health, social and other support needs. Monthly Service Authorization Requests (SARs) are entered electronically in the Wraparound Milwaukee Synthesis system to authorize vendors in the Network to provide specific units of services to families. Care Plans are reviewed and revised every 90 days.