Wraparound Milwaukee


Wraparound Milwaukee is a unique system of care for children with serious emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs and their families.

It utilizes a WRAPAROUND philosophy and approach which focus on strength-based, individualized care. Combined with a unique organizational structure, Wraparound Milwaukee delivers a comprehensive and flexible array of services to youth and their families.

Wraparound Milwaukee has been in existence since 1995. It was developed out of a 6 year, $15 million federal grant that Milwaukee County received from the Center for Mental Health Services in Washington, D.C. Milwaukee County was one of the first ten such sites funded throughout the country. The intent of the federal grants was to foster the development of more comprehensive, community-based care for children with serious emotional needs and their families.

Wraparound Milwaukee was designed to reduce the use of institutional-based care such as residential treatment centers and inpatient psychiatric hospitals while providing more services in the community and in the child’s home. The federal government also stressed more family inclusion in treatment programs along with collaboration among child welfare education, juvenile justice and mental health in the delivery of services.



Role of the Family

Wraparound Milwaukee involves families at all levels of the system and aggressively monitors quality and outcomes. It operates from a value base that emphasizes building on strengths to meet needs; one family-one plan of care; cost-effective community-based alternatives to residential treatment placements, juvenile correctional placement as appropriate, and psychiatric hospitalization; increased parent choice and family independence; and care for children in the context of their family and community.

Unique Managed Care Entity
Wraparound Milwaukee is a unique type of managed care entity. It was initiated in 1995 with a six year, $15 million grant from the Center for Mental Health Services. Its primary focus is to serve children and adolescents who have serious emotional disorders and who are identified by the Child Welfare or Juvenile Justice System as being at immediate risk of residential or correctional placement or psychiatric hospitalization. Wraparound Milwaukee serves an average enrollment of over 1000 youth and their families.

A combination of state and county agencies, including the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare, the County’s Delinquency and Court Services, and the State Division of Heath Care Financing who operates Medicaid, provide funding for the system. Funds from these agencies are pooled to create maximum flexibility and a sufficient funding source to meet the comprehensive needs of the families served. Part of the County’s Behavioral Health Division, Wraparound Milwaukee oversees the management and disbursements of those funds acting as a public care management entity.

Care Coordination Services
Wraparound Milwaukee contracts with six community agencies for the over 100 care coordinators who facilitate the delivery of services and other supports to families using a strength-based, highly individualized Wraparound approach. Wraparound Milwaukee has also organized an extensive provider network of over 200 agency and individual providers that offer an array of over 80 services to families. A Wraparound-Milwaukee-operated Mobile Urgent Treatment Team ensures families have access to crisis intervention services.


Vision & Mission

Vision~ To help build healthy and strong communities by enhancing children and families’ ability to meet life’s challenges and to foster resiliency and hope for a better future.


  1. To serve each youth and family with respect and dignity acknowledging their strengths, needs and preferences.
  2. To partner with the agencies that work with families to create a coordinated, holistic plan for a better life.
  3. To support youth and their families to remain safely in their homes and communities.
  4. To provide quality care that is culturally responsive to the diverse needs of the families we serve.
  5. To provide leadership in creating lasting resources to promote the health and well being of families in their communities.


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